A Slow Conversation

Welcome to Love and Soil - a Slow Conversation. This is a place to meet in the messy middle of the debate about farming and the environment. A space outside the frenzy of social media, where we can make connections, absorb other people's points of view and respond thoughtfully. Where this conversation goes is up to us.

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How to take part

This is not your average online forum. We have set things up so you can't just reply instantly, which gives you time to ponder. Slow thinking is welcome. 

The conversation will take place from 8 March to 28 March 2021. You can take part as often as you want, but please do so at least once.


When you want to add something, email your contribution to emily.diamand@northernheartlands.org and we will put it on the conversation page.

​Feel free to be creative as well as thoughtful. Send a video or audio recordings of your thoughts. Send your writing, stories or poetry. Send your photos, art or creative responses. Send your music and singing.

If you can't email your response - if the file is too large or it's a sculpture - please email Emily and we will find a way.


If you are responding to a particular contribution, please tell Emily when you send yours in.